One Minute School Website Check

With school starting in many areas, people will be flocking to school websites.  They will look for forms, events, schedules, menus and more! They will need the basics like phone number and address. They may wish to see photos  or videos of back to school events and news.  Perhaps they wish to connect with your school via social media such as Facebook and Twitter for easy access. Surely, they want a welcoming message from a teacher or administrator. There is an old Irish proverb which says, ‘The eye of a friend is a good mirror’.  Why not get input on a regular basis for your school website to keep it fresh and engaging? Here are some tips and a handout to critique your site and to solicit feedback on your site from others.

One Minute Website Checklist

With the rapidly moving pace of the school year, how do you keep your school website up to date?  Here are a few tips and a handout, the  One Minute School Website Checklist

  1. Take a minute to look at your school website. Look at it with fresh eyes.  Think of what a parent, student or prospective student might think upon seeing your site.
  2. Ask five others to take a minute to look at it. Include a few parents, teachers and students in the process.
  3. Make a take away list – Remove old events, old photos, former employees
  4. Make an add list – Add new initiatives, events, photos, wish lists, new employees.  Update your contact info. Provide easy to find phone info, fax info, directions, maps, email addresses.
  5. Make a connections list – What new and innovative ways can people connect with your school via your website?  These may include social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype?
  6. Add Pizzazz! Add interest to your site with audio, video and photos. Use polls and gather website visitor feedback. Ask visitors to your site what they would like to see on the website by using an online poll such as this one created in Google Forms
  7. Make Plans to Update immediately after the website check in
  8. Schedule Regular Updates and Do a One Minute Check-in and Review at least once a month

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A New Year, A New School

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”

Victor Hugo

Today I attended the Teacher Training day at our new high school Pope John Paul High School In Royersford. This was the day set aside for teachers to become familiar with all of the high tech features of the new high school which opens to students on Friday, September 10th.

Technology Features at PJP

  • Wireless access in all areas and classrooms
  • High Bandwidth Connectivity
  • One to One Access with Acer Netbooks for all students
  • Distance Learning Classrooms
  • Mobile Distance Learning and Video Carts
  • Video Streaming and Broadcasting System to and from all areas
  • Classroom Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors and Video Systems
  • Several computer labs
  • Science Labs with Computer
  • VOIP Phone System
  • Exterior Remote Hookups to Gymnasium
  • Theater Quality Sound and Display system in Auditorium
  • More details here

IMG_8636Teachers View High Tech High Features

Enthusiasm was high.  In the Distance Learning session, one class was with the presenter from the MCIU and another full classroom watched remotely. This really gave teachers an opportunity to see the effectiveness of remote learning, see how it was done and to see the unique capabilities available.

The video broadcasting system was showcased and the internal PJP channel unveiled.  This system will debut at PJP with morning video announcements next week.

The Smartboard training focused on the latest software release from Smart and the many means of supporting instruction within. Teachers were eager to learn more features and began to share resources and strategies in future session.

Gym, Cafeteria and Auditorium systems were showcased.  All were wowed by the beautiful sound quality in the Audtorium.

IMG_8331As teachers were shown the technology capabilities, they discussed ideas for using them in the classroom to enhance student learning. The day ended with teachers heading to their own classrooms to set up their newly received laptops.

Coordinated by the administration, Fr. Okon, Principal Judy Owens, Superintendant Mary Rochford, Builder EDIS and Comstar and Technology Coordinator, Darian Dinenna, the day was a success and a great building block for technology enriched learning and teaching.

As with any new construction, this school was years in making. Now that it is finished, it is like a dream come true for many teachers, students and families. It is one where the future is sure to hold exciting new ventures in innovative learning for the 21st Century and beyond.

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