Skype with the Schools

Technology for Connecting with Schools

On Monday of Catholic School’s Week, Bishop Fitzgerald along with some of our central office staff at the Office of Catholic Education in the Philadelphia Archdiocese skyped with the schools. Up to date technology is a part of our everyday lives, and surely it needs to be an essential tool in education. What better way to communicate with the schools to find out about how they were celebrating Catholic School’s Week?



  1. St. John the Baptist, Ottsville shared their project of making dresses for children in Africa
  2. St. Alphonsus, Maple Glen shared their service project of decorating items for sick¬† children at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  3. St. Helena, Philadelphia – They were holding a breakfast for community workers such as policemen and firemen to celebrate the service those groups give to the community.
  4. Pope John Paul Elementary School  РThey shared important facts about saints from Philadelphia РSt. John Neuman, Blessed Katherine Drexel and St Elizabeth Seton
  5. Pope John Paul High School who was celebrating their first ever Catholic School’s week as a new school shared specific aims and experiences of how learning with technology has enhanced learning at the school.
  6. St. Anastasia, Newtown Square shared their service project of raising money towards the building of a Catholic school in India. View details here.

More Resources:

This Catholic School Connect Skype Around the World Wiki is a directory where schools can skype each other and record the connection.

A+ for the Nation

It was a fun and engaging way to connect with schools and showed how quickly technology can connect us with one another towards a common goal. We enjoyed hearing from students and educators about the wonderful service projects and celebrations for Catholic School’s Week.