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Teacher Leaders: Sharing, Shaping, Inspiring

Teacher Leaders inspire.  Teacher leaders share. Teacher leaders make a powerful and meaningful difference in our schools. Meaningful Professional Development days can inspire teachers creatively.  However, a professional development day infused with excellent teacher leadership makes all the difference in the world and can impact students exponentially. Friday was one of those days for our… Continue reading Teacher Leaders: Sharing, Shaping, Inspiring

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Connecting As Needed

Recently, Casey Flanagan, a student at Sacred Heart School in Royersford, Pa has had to endure some pretty challenging times. She suffers from cancer and her many treatments made it impossible for her to make it to school. This was not insurmountable for the Tech Team at Sacred Heart. Though this was something that they… Continue reading Connecting As Needed

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Collaboration – Philly Style

Today 2 of our Philadelphia Archdiocesan Catholic high schools had a combined professional development day for learning about Technology, 21st Century Learning and Web 2.0 technologies. This was the first time ever that the faculty members of these 2 schools met for this purpose. If you saw some teachers early this morning walking down Vine… Continue reading Collaboration – Philly Style