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Getting Started with Digital Citizenship

              Since the beginning of time, rules and guidelines for behavior in society have been in place. These aim to provide order, peace, and respect for one another and for the common good. When each person is a 'good citizen' everyone benefits. The internet and easy access to the… Continue reading Getting Started with Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship Lessons

One topic that continues to be of interest and importance for schools and families is Digital Citizenship. How can we interact safely and appropriately online? The topic of citizenship comes in to play in a very big way. Are we being considerate of others in our words, deeds and actions? Looking out for others both… Continue reading Digital Citizenship Lessons

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Too Much Texting

It's likely that you have a smartphone. If not, most regular phones allow us to send text messages. We as a society have gradually gotten somewhat used to being available by text 24/7.  What if any conversations should we be having about Texting Etiquette? According to Shelly Turkle, a clinical psychologist and the founder of… Continue reading Too Much Texting

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An Internet Minute

This is real world. See what is happening in an internet minute. To what degree do these activities this reflect what is happening in your school or work environment? Are most sites open or blocked? Do policies and discussions around effective use occur? With our world changing so rapidly, discussions around use of technology must… Continue reading An Internet Minute

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Web Filtering Checklist

    When schools make web filtering and blocking decisions, they need to be sure that they are not also blocking learning, blocking productivity, blocking progress.  Shifts have occurred widely over the last couple of years in schools regarding the filtering question. Security still remains a top priority. However, the question of what content to… Continue reading Web Filtering Checklist