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Truly Making the Grade

The April¬† Archdiocese of Philadelphia school administrators and curriculum leaders in-service focused on Engaging the 21st Century learner and effective assessment strategies. At this session, entitled De-Grading not Degrading, Alfie Kohn was the speaker and he emphasized how important it is to focus on the learning process rather than strictly on high scores and grades.… Continue reading Truly Making the Grade

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Digital Citizenship – To Empower

This video is from the Family Online Safety Institute and it emphasizes one of the very important reasons that we should teach Digital Citizenship. Digital Citizenship and responsible use of technology education should be a part of our work in education each day. Five Reasons to Teach Digital Citizenship It helps to keep children safe.… Continue reading Digital Citizenship – To Empower

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Thumbs Up!

Visioning Education - Visioning Partnership Educational leaders know that when they envision learning environments infused with new and innovative practices and technology, that they should seek support from the community. Parents and businesses are often very happy to join you in making a difference for children when they know about educational initiatives. Their generosity and… Continue reading Thumbs Up!

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Building Digital Citizens

A critical component of the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS-A) is Digital Citizenship. As school administrators work to provide programs which prepare students to work and learn in a rapidly changing world, incorporating Digital Citizenship themes into our work and that of our students is critically important. This video shared at our recent… Continue reading Building Digital Citizens

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Expanding and Exploring Tech in Church Organizations

A Parish Technology Summit held today by the Villanova University School of Business offered many ideas for expanding the use of technology in church and parish organizations. The use of social media and communications technologies was explored by presenters and attendees. I was glad to hear about this event from our very tech savvy Communications… Continue reading Expanding and Exploring Tech in Church Organizations