Digital Citizenship and Literacy

For Organizational and School Leaders, Teacher Leaders and Families


These sites have resources for teaching Digital Citizenship in the classroom

Google Interactive
Google’s Family Safety Center
Google Safety Center
Common Sense Media
    Unit Assessments – Common Sense Media
    Digital Compass – (Grades 6 and up)
    Student Badges –
NetsmartzSafety Pledges
Be Cyber Wise
Digital Citizenship Site
Yahoo Safely
Cable in the Classroom
FOSI Family Online Safety Institute
ebonauts – School or District/Diocese Assessments and Curriculum – Subscription
ISTE Standards Nets-A, Nets-S, Nets-T
ISTE Poster and Infographic
Online Safety for Kids @symballo by Sylvia Buller 


These blogs address topics related to Digital Citizenship
Anne Collier – Net Family News
Danah Boyd
Innovative Educator Blog

Research To Know About

Zero to Eight -Children’s Mobile Technology Use in America by Common Sense Media
Youth Safety on a Living Internet Study – Study
The Good Play Project
Pew Internet and American Life Project

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Online Safety Bridge Between Home and School – TechConnects
Getting Started with Digital Citizenship – TechConnects


Using the above links, select resource(s) for use with teachers or students. Discuss the following:
1. Why did you select this resource? What appeals most to you about it.
2. How can it be used in your school(s)?
3. What 3 steps would you need to take to use this resource?
4. How will you measure or evaluate the benefit?

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