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7 Resources for Attending ISTE12 Virtually

For the first time in many years, I will not be attending one of my favorite conferences -  the ISTE conference. During that week, on the opposite coast, I'll be teaching a one week course in an Educational Leadership graduate program locally. In exploring ways to connect and learn along with passionate educators on the… Continue reading 7 Resources for Attending ISTE12 Virtually

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Leadership Communication Tools

Communicating in today's world requires both a new mindset and a new toolset. Like a maestro conducting a symphony, savvy leaders pay attention to the sound, the effect, the and the instruments needed to strike just the right notes.               Some schools have a full time communications person. Others have… Continue reading Leadership Communication Tools

Professional Development

Teacher Leaders: Sharing, Shaping, Inspiring

Teacher Leaders inspire.  Teacher leaders share. Teacher leaders make a powerful and meaningful difference in our schools. Meaningful Professional Development days can inspire teachers creatively.  However, a professional development day infused with excellent teacher leadership makes all the difference in the world and can impact students exponentially. Friday was one of those days for our… Continue reading Teacher Leaders: Sharing, Shaping, Inspiring