Teacher Leaders: Sharing, Shaping, Inspiring

Teacher Leaders inspire.  168832715_f9674d59b4_m

Teacher leaders share.

Teacher leaders make a powerful and meaningful difference in our schools.

Meaningful Professional Development days can inspire teachers creatively.  However, a professional development day infused with excellent teacher leadership makes all the difference in the world and can impact students exponentially. Friday was one of those days for our teachers. What stands out most is that this day was a day for Teacher Leaders.

As I look at the Ten Roles for Teacher Leaders, I know Friday’s professional development day for our teachers and administrators was led by the best of teacher leaders.

Teacher Leaders Are:

1. Resource Providers

2. Instructional Specialist

3.  Curriculum Specialist

4. Classroom Supporters

5.  Learning Facilitators

6.  Mentors

7.  School Leaders

8.  Data Coaches

9. Catalysts for Change

10. Learners

Excellent keynotes and demos by Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum Beach set the stage for a fantastic day. We had the kickoff event for our PLP (Powerful Learning Practice) cohort.  Will and Sheryl lead teachers worldwide in forming 21st Cenutry learning environments  and passion based learning communities with their PLP Cohorts. This is the 2nd year for our cohort and Will and Sheryl continue to amaze and inspire us with their future focused insight and practical advice.  We were privileged to meet Robin Ellis , PLP’s Community Leader. The day was held at Villa Maria Lower School.

What was new about this year’s kickoff was that our teachers and administrators presented on topics ranging from Web2.0 strategies to faculty enrichment to reaching out to the school community.

Teacher Leader Sharing

Teachers Steve Kirwin and Sandra Young from Bishop Shanahan wowed other teachers with their examples of their use of Nings and wikis and online sites. Catherine Glattts Vice principal at Mercy Vocational and teachers Marty Corcoran, Christian Arment and Mary Ruskey shared their fascinating student trip to Biloxi and the online connections shared  via Wikis and Ustream.

Administrators led by example with innovative web2.0 based strategies for providing school leadership and curricular support for technology infused learning. A team of administrators from Hallahan(Mary Kirby, Mickey Beachy), Cardinal O’Hara(Ed Allen) and Father Judge(Jim Greene) shared success stories from their schools.

Jim Meredith, Assistant Principal at Archbishop Ryan shared his use of Facebook which included excellent internet safety strategies, quality teaching strategies and resulted in increased AP scores.

What a great way to kick off the school year!  These teachers will be connecting through our online sessions and our ning throughout the year. Teacher leaders can ’shape the culture of the school’ in powerful ways.  Supporting teacher leaders in our schools is so very  important.

Teacher leaders share, inspire and can make a meaningful positive difference in schools. I know that they inspire me with their enthusiasm and creativity. How are teacher leaders supported at celebrated at your school?