Web Tools Picks – June 2012

In working with technology, we have a seemingly never ending array of web based tools for doing our work. In working recently with teachers, I gathered a selection of top used classroom tools. Though these teachers are Business and Technology teachers at the high school level, these tools are broadly applicable to many classrooms or for organizational use.

Feel free to use these presentations with your teachers or contact me for more information. I’m happy to assist your organization or school either face to face or virtually as you explore technology for teaching and learning.

All resources posted to this wiki.

Below is a selection of tools used with teachers in February. There are some favorites that many find very valuable and will be found in both selections.

Web Tools for Learning

I enjoyed working with teachers this week in West Chester discussing learning in the 21st Century, NETS Standards and sharing the Tpack Model and some online tools to enhance lessons in their classrooms. These teachers are in classrooms where students have access to one to one netbooks daily in their classrooms to support learning. What a creative and energetic group! They had additional suggestions of great tools to explore. Above you’ll find the ones we looked at. Which ones would you add?