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As a former top technology administrator for one of nation’s largest archdiocese, Nancy Caramanico knows what is essential for schools in terms of selecting, implementing and executing today’s most dynamic digital communications tools and processes.  While offering strategic counsel, competitive analysis, content recommendations, professional development and real-time support through E2 Today, Nancy is also a nationally-recognized and sought-after instructional technology speaker.  In addition to facilitating weekly Twitter chats for educators via #CatholicEdChat (Twitter Handle: @NCara), she also presents on a wide variety of that focus on how to effectively tell your school story through engaging visuals, social media, online tools, mobile apps and web sites. Specific program topics include:

Communicating News and Building School Community in the 21st Century

This focuses specifically on tool selection and set-up as well as how to leverage online tools for valuable analytics. Successful case studies highlighting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Constant Contact and more are highlighted within this 45-60-minute presentation.

Leveraging the Top 20 tech tools to transform your school communication

Designed specifically for school leaders and top administrators, this 90-minute presentation provides an overview of the “Top 20” tech tools and mobile apps that schools need to be using to enhance instructional learning and curriculum as well as connect with parents, alumni and the community at-large.

How schools play a critical role in helping students to navigate online tools and social media usage

For Catholic and faith-based schools, the explosion of social and online media has led to unforeseen challenges in terms of appropriate and best use among students.  Teaching digital citizenship from elementary school on is one way to help ensure that values and faith are considered before every Tweet, Post or ‘Gram.  This 60-minute presentation offers tools and ideas for how to integrate digital citizenship into day-to-day curriculum and student life – both inside and outside of the classroom.

Social Media Trends and Tools – and How to Measure Reach and Impact

Focused exclusively on social media channels, this 60-minute presentation details best practices as well as highlights tools for curating and sharing top content generated about schools. Focused on how to build content strategy and pull analytics to measure impact, reach and growth, this presentation is for those educators who are actively overseeing social media channels/programs within schools.

LinkedIn as a tool for professional growth

Linkedin can serve as a powerful tool for building a school’s brand among influencers and recruiting top talent (and perhaps even students via engaged parents!).  Highlighting best practices as well as custom features and functions, this 45-minute presentation will help school leaders to differentiate and better position their schools within an increasingly crowded space.

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